Projects Licensed Must:

·         Deliver flawless execution of approved business plan, risk strategy, and create cash flow.

·         Management Team must have a historical track record of job creation.

·         Projects must have a clear path to sustainable job creation.

·         Projects must be real, live, and actual equity must be invested into them - not paper projects.


Projects selected to be Licensed by the ISRC are built on a foundation of past success with proven revenue potential for the future. On top of the credibility and job creation of each project.


ISRC is proud to have the support of the Idaho State government. Below are a few excerpts from letters of support: 

Governor of Idaho, C.L. "Butch" Otter:

I am writing to offer my support for the EB-5 Immigrant Investment Regional Center application recently submitted by Blackhawk Partners, LLC.

The Blackhawk Partners team has developed a compelling plan to expand Idaho's economy through the attraction of immigrant investment for the development of resort, residential, and mineral extraction opportunities throughout Idaho. My administrative team - including Idaho Department of Commerce Director Don Dietrich - has reviewed the Blackhawk Partners opportunity, and we believe it advances a viable strategy for economic development.

In these troubling economic times, I find the job creation projections outlined in this application very encouraging, particularly to the degree that these jobs will impact all regional of Idaho. I am optimistic that approved EB-5 regional centers in our state will yield unprecedented innovation and economic development opportunities.

Valley County Commissioner, Gordon L. Cruickshank

Please accept this letter as a supporting document for work by Blackhawk Partners, LLC its principals Mr. Barnett, Mr. Getty, and Mr. Muroff for the development of Blackhawk On The River in Valley County, Idaho.

During construction of Blackhawk on the River, Blackhawk Partners, LLC maintained a clean environment while constructing the project. As work progressed into the construction of residential housing it was required by Blackhawk Partners, LLC that all construction debris be controlled daily to maintain a nice clean environment. Not many developments had performed this prior, and now I mention this as other developments come to Valley County. I applaud Blackhawk Partners, LLC for their commitment to the environment.

If Blackhawk on the River project is an example of projects proposed then Blackhawk Partners, LLC will create premier projects in the future.

I can say without a doubt that the work ethics required by Blackhawk Partners, LLC on projects shows the pride their development team has in any project they are involved in.


ISRC has great relationships with it's advisors and team, bringing decades of industry experience and over one billion dollars in market capitalization. Our team has an outstanding track record of capitalizing on progressive projects in niche markets and performing flawless execution to ensure each project reaches its success potential.


While many Regional Centers have spectacular projects on paper, ISRC only licenses, and manages projects that are currently operational, or near term production, and have a proven success record. Many Mining projects we are vetting started operations in the early 1900's and have a history of successful mining they have been operating on and off since then.



The State of Idaho is an ideal location for families due to the positive economic and political climate as well as a high quality of living. Idaho is a fiscally frugal state an offers a competitive tax climate for individuals and businesses. In addition, Idaho is home to a conservative ideology and strong governmental support for programs such as ISRC. Finally, Idaho has been ranked among the top states to enjoy healthy living and is home to a plethora of outdoor recreational opportunities, a low crime rate, outstanding public and private education institutions, and a low cost of living.


ISRC focuses on smooth execution of the families application process through our legal counsel affiliates abroad. This team guides families through the process to ensure timely delivery of documents to the appropriate Federal, and State Agencies. While the benefits for each family is not specifically unique to the State of Idaho or the project.


Such benefits include:

  • a U.S. college education for all children under 21 years of age,
  • market opportunities in the most vibrant economy in the world,
  • the ability to locate anywhere within the United States,
  • the ability to access political officials,
  • the ability to travel easily in and out of the United States, and
  • the ideals associated with the American Bill of Rights to name a few.