Gold & Silver Division 
Bringing Idaho's Historic Past into the Future  
The Gold & Silver Division currently has mining projects, and is pending negotiations.
In 1860, a group of 10 prospectors struck gold in Idaho and caused one of the largest gold rush migrations in American history. This gold rush ultimately lead to the creation of the Idaho Territory in 1863 and a legacy of mining upon which Idaho was built.
By the late 1800s silver, lead and zinc deposits were uncovered in Northern Idaho. This area has become known as one of the world's richest mineral areas. Idaho today produces the most newly mined silver in the nation. Almost 45 per cent of all silver mined in the United States comes from Idaho. Silver and phosphate are the two major minerals produced in Idaho. We are the nation's second largest producer of phosphate with 15 per cent of the United States yearly production.
Although Idaho produces little gold, the United States Bureau of Mines says that we have more mineable gold than any other state. In recent years, as the price of gold has risen, many old mines have been reopened and the value of gold produced in Idaho has grown steadily. Today, mining continues to be a lucrative industry in Idaho. 

Real Estate Division
For Generations to Come 
Idaho is the best State in the US to Live, Work, Recreate, and raise a family.
Most recreation areas in Idaho are protected lands, managed by federal or state agencies. These are public areas, generally chosen and maintained as recreation sites. These carefully managed locations total well over 25 million acres, offering Idahoans varied outdoor activities.
Idaho is home to several World Renown Resort Communities the most popular being Sun Valley. McCall is another great resort community north of Boise a few hours.
The New York Times has described McCall, Idaho as being "the West's next up-and-coming resort community," comparing McCall to the Sun Valley and Lake Tahoe of 30 years ago. This idyllic area, settled between two lakes and two ski resorts, has retained its small town feel while offering an abundance of outdoor recreational pursuits, breathtaking scenery, and boutique shops and restaurants the entire family will enjoy.
Still one of the Northwest's best-kept secrets, McCall Idaho is only now receiving national attention for the extraordinary quality of its scenery, four-season recreation and laidback atmosphere. A beautiful two-hour drive north of Boise, McCall boasts two destination ski resorts, including the new $1.5 billion Tamarack Resort, the first major American ski resort built in 23 years, as well as Brundage Mountain, renowned for its champagne powder and uncrowded terrain. Compared to other four-season mountain resort towns, it's still an extraordinary value (see price comparison). Blackhawk offers some of the most unique pieces of real estate in McCall.