We are a private economic unit , engaged in the promotion of economic growth, improved regional productivity, job creation and increased domestic capital investment.

ISRC was founded with the support of The State of Idaho Department of Commerce, Sima Muroff and his Strategic Partners in Asia "ISRC". ISRC has recruited a contingent of Advisors who offer a breadth of experience and expertise to ensure the success of the Projects. Together ISRC brings decades of experience and over one billion dollars in market capitalization.


Together, some of this dynamic team has collaborated to create ISRC. ISRC is a management company that manages projects exclusively licensed by ISRC. We follow a thorough and diligent review of a project, it's team, it's track record prior to making a licensing decision. We review several projects, run econometric modeling, analyze the risk factors, and realistic feasibility of them prior to vetting them out. Identified projects must deliver investment stability, job creation potential, and a progressive industry outlook necessary to ensure the success of the Projects in Idaho. The Project managers are dedicated to the flawless execution of projects. To fund these cutting edge projects, ISRC and or it’s affiliates offer unique investment opportunities.


We are chartered to:

1. Focus on Idaho.
2. Promote economic growth through increased investment into the region.
3. Promote improved regional productivity.
4. Create a minimum requisite of jobs.
5. Increase domestic and or foreign capital investment.
6. Promoted and publicized Idaho and our regional boundaries.
7. Have a positive impact on the regional or national economy through increased household earnings.
8. Generate a greater demand for business services, utilities maintenance and repair, and construction jobs both in and around the center.


ISRC: 1-800-290-4772
132 SW 5th Ave Suite 100
Meridian, Idaho 83642